Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Enchanted Wood

It's a Book Title themed week over at Madeit and I'm joining in the fun with one of my own childhood favourites. Who doesn't love the Faraway Tree and all it's it's quirky inhabitants? And all those crazy worlds at the top of the tree? For that matter, who doesn't love all of Enid Blyton's sweetly old-fashioned characters? 
Here's my "Enchanted Wood" picks
From left to right, top to bottom:
Wooden Leaf House Puzzle by Raw Toys
Rainbow Amigurumi Crochet Toys by Rosieok
Little Boy Night Light by Sage Design
Illustration - Lively in the Forest by Nomuu
The Original Laser-Cut Jewellery Tree by Bird of Play
Woodland Little Red Fox Girl by Joyfoolery
Fox on the Run Archival Print by Bellablackbird
Fairy Dress by Hannah Banannas
Felt Fairy House by Snuggles and Smiles
Woodland Notebook by Misiu
Kawaii Chocolate Brown Squirrel by I Made This For You
Wooden Autumn Acorn Set by Raw Toys

Check out i made this for you's clever picks for Charles Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop here


  1. Oh, I love it, Cori! My kids & I read the Faraway Tree stories ongoing. I'm so thrilled you chose a couple of my goodies.. lots of what I do is inspired by those stories!

    1. Somehow I'm not surprised to hear that they inspire you - you're lovely items kept popping up in my searches :)

  2. I love Enid Blyton. Read a lot of her books when I was younger. Fabulous finds from the Madeit community


  3. They are gorgeous picks Cori, Enid is definitely an inspiration for me. Thank you so much for including my Red Fox Girl ;)

  4. Awesome Cori! Thanks for feature & the link too xx
    You are a legend ;)

  5. I love that Enid Blyton is still so loved! I lived on her books growing up.

  6. Enid Blyton... I still secretly read some of my faves now! The Island of Adventure? Secret of Smiggy Holes? Hehehehe... Well, now it's not such a secret.... I LOVED The Faraway Tree as a small child. It's one of the first books I can remember that really transported me into another world. And what a cute set of finds here!