Wednesday, 4 April 2012

All the pretty dresses...

I finished four dresses today, including three that have been irritating me for weeks. All this sewing would be soooo much easier if I could stick to one or two patterns. But no, as soon as I get one design pretty much figured out, I get some bright idea for a new one. Which will, of course, not come together as easily as I envisaged. I had to scrap one this morning (more a colossal screw up with my measurements than a design issue), but the others have finally come together. And I made a new Perfect Summer dress while I was at it.I still have another three dresses cut out and ready to sew. And yes, that includes not one, but two new designs!

Not the best pictures, I know. 
First is a Perfect Summer dress in a size 1. I love pure white! Still need to test the sizing, though. Second is a linen look bicycle print pini in a size 2. So cute. Button holes drove me nuts, though. Ever tried to unpick a button hole? Not fun. No pic for the third, which is a pretty floral print dress with doily sleeves. Pretty sure it's a size 6 - I need to bribe Mozzie to try it on for me ;) I don't have a pic of the fourth either, but it was the trickiest. I had no idea an elastic waist could be so difficult! It probably wouldn't have been if I'd planned it better, but you get that...

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