Thursday, 14 February 2013

It's been a while...

About eight months, in fact. But I'm back to give this blogging thing another go! I've deleted a handful of posts and now I'm pretty much back to square one. I figure I'll just start with what I've been up to...(I'll keep it short and sweet)

So my Madeit store is looking pretty full and I have have a stack of new designs, which I'm pretty pleased about :) And then there's December...
December is one of my favourite months, anyway. The start of Summer, the build-up to Christmas and the big day itself, Mozzie's Birthday, and usually a camping trip over New Years - I love it all. But this year was especially great. This year December was big for Mozzie and Mac
One of my dresses was selected for Madeit's Mega Giveaway. A pair of shorts were chosen for Madeit's 'My Child' magazine ad. I organised a Handmade Showcase for Madeit sellers, which was fun (not sure how successful, but anyways...). Oopsidaisi put Mozzie & Mac on her list of handmade labels that had impressed her in 2012 (a pretty big deal for me, as she is hand-maker that I respect enormously) and my facebook page likers increased dramatically - for the little page that I have, at least.
But the most incredible event in December? Being chosen to feature in Madeit's Designer Spotlight (thanks Bec!!!). There's no way to describe exactly how it made me feel to picked - excited, a little bit nervous and incredibly honoured  is as close as I can get. And good. Really, really good. It's so easy to doubt yourself and your skills in the world of handmade and just to be chosen feels like a big scoop of validation: yes, I CAN do this, yes, my work IS good enough. And add the feedback and support from fellow Madeit sellers (who are a fantastic group of people) and I'm feeling pretty positive about what I do!

Now I'm off to do a little more sewing :)

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